Virtual Workshop Overview

Transformational Change: Leading from within

  • An 8-week, intensive developmental experience to expand the individual’s and team’s capacities to lead transformational change in an unpredictable and complex world.
  • Designed for individual leaders and professionals in public sector and non-profit organizations who are improvement-minded and want to bring about transformation in themselves, their teams, and their organization.
Change can be hard
Make meaningful change by focusing within, first.

As a public service leader or professional you may well be engaged in transformational change initiatives. Whether these are to create more jobs, reform education, increase inclusion, improve customer service, or even recovering from a pandemic, our standard approach is often focused on transforming things and people “out there.”

Transformational change “out there” can’t happen without also transforming “in here.”  What is it that you personally, as a leader, need – and want – to improve, see more expansively, and understand more deeply?  You can dramatically increase the odds of successful transformation when you put yourself in the equation first.

When individuals on a team collectively develop this transformative capacity – while focused on a critical team goal – these teams, as well, increase the chances for sustainably delivering extraordinary results.

What others have said who have attended Barry and Cornelis’ ITC programs:

“Many of us strive to be better and do better but are blind to the real work that must be done. The Immunity to Change process was an enlightening experience that helped me identify my ‘Big Assumption’ and begin to unravel why I struggle to delegate. This interactive and immersive experience helped uncover underlying fears that shape my actions. The guidance and insights helped me take my first steps to test my assumption with safe-to-fail experiments that ultimately transformed the way I work and lead others through deliberate actions. I highly encourage anyone who’s looking for that next level of personal growth to engage in this process.”  (Jessica V., College administrator)

“If you are a leader looking to enact change in your workplace, grow in your ability to connect with and lead your organization, or simply understand why a gap exists between what you want to do and what you feel capable of doing, overturning Immunity to Change is a game-changer.” (Sarah G., City Government)