Virtual Workshop Overview

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Have you ever left a conversation and felt uneasy, wondering what the other person is really thinking or feeling, or telling yourself ‘I really messed that up’?

Have you avoided conversations because it felt too difficult, or you weren’t even sure where to start – conversations like giving feedback, dealing with conflict in a close relationship, or addressing issues like racism?

Sensitive conversations like these abound – in our workplace, with families and friends and in the community – and they take courage.

Imagine if you felt less stressed and more confident having these conversations, and what if they were a pathway to personal growth and better relationships?

In this program you will learn practical new ways to approach these important conversations with confidence, clarity and calm. You will deepen your understanding of the underlying causes of the fear – a disconnect between your sense-making process and the sense-making process of others. This disconnect is powered by interpretive survival stories we create and occurs at all levels of human systems.

Drawing on the field of adult development and grounded in science related to our sense-making process and the power of stories, this program gives you the knowledge, skills and tools to transform ‘difficult’ conversations into ‘learning’ conversations. You will use the gift of these conversations to create opportunities to build relationship and mutual connection and understanding.

We welcome you to come and learn with us and join our quest to deepen relationship, transform conflict, increase connection and create a better world.

Who should come?

Leaders, coaches, anyone who is familiar with the fear and awkwardness that comes with beginning – and continuing – difficult conversations.

Dates and times for 2022

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In-house programs

We also offer this as a virtual in-house program. Contact John Sautelle for more information.

In the words of past participants…

‘Surprisingly, not only did I learn about managing difficult conversations, I learnt a lot about myself, my values, my experiences and the stories I tell about myself through this course. It’s both a professional and personal development journey.’

Sheunnie Loo, Team Leader, International Insurance

‘The Navigating Difficult Conversations workshop gave me insights and tools to better conduct conversations when the stakes are high.’

Shai Haim, Chief Technology Officer, Global Tech

‘I have noticed how my relationships with those I have had these conversations with have deepened and how this has allowed for greater inner peace and connectedness in my life’.

Camille de Picot, Executive Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist