Workshop Overview

Listening for Sensemaking

As the world moves faster and faster, leaders are asked to process more and more information and make decisions ever more quickly in increasingly interconnected and sometimes baffling contexts. Leaders who can listen with true curiosity about how other people make sense of themselves, their relationships, and their contexts, cultivate environments in which people:
– Take risks and feel safe and encouraged to share diverse perspectives, especially in group settings
– Appreciate each other’s perspectives and work from shared understandings
– Feel enabled to make effective decisions and implement helpful actions

This workshop provides the opportunity to learn a way of listening that enables us to be curious about not only the content of what people are saying, but also the sense they are making of what they say.

Workshop participants will be introduced to and practice Listening for Sensemaking, through:
– Language
– Emotions
– Sensations
Combined, these three listening skills synergize, creating a powerful tool for coaches, leaders, and other professionals.

Participants can expect to:
– Learn about the theory that underlies this powerful approach to listening
– Spend most of their workshop time practicing with, rather than talking about, listening
– Explore a current personal or work-related challenge, that continues to show up in your life in different ways
– Continue practicing and learning with a buddy after the workshop
Listening for Sensemaking is ideal for any woman who wants to listen more deeply during helping conversations. This could include coaches, leaders, HR professionals, counsellors, or healthcare practitioners.
Listening for Sensemaking is a comprehensive standalone workshop. It is also an ideal introduction to, or extension of, the Growth Edge Coaching certification pathway.