Virtual Workshop Overview

Ghost Light in The Meadow: Illuminating fallback in embrace of the fullness of self

image003.pngIn theaters around the world, a single light bulb is left burning on the stage whenever the theater is dark. It’s called a ghost light. Theater lore tells us that the ghost light invites the ghosts that are said to inhabit all theaters onto the stage. It’s a welcoming and acknowledgement of the spirits that are part of every theater.  Some say that if the light goes out, ghosts assume the theater is abandoned and cause mischief.

Join Valerie Livesay and Zafer Achi on an outing to the theater of self and become acquainted with the full cast of characters that live within each of us. Using theater as a metaphor for exploring the multiplicity of one’s self invites participants to be on the stage, in the audience, and directing the scenes of self simultaneously. The symbolism of the ghost light allows us to recognize what happens on the stage of self when the theater is dark, when our shadowy characters are not invited in, and offers possibilities for exploration, discovery and action when the light is left burning. The language of theater reveals new ways of understanding the self that is in development and the role that fallback plays in our construction of self in the scenes of our lives.

Turning on the ghost light within self requires a willingness to welcome our characters that we may see as shadowy and dark while also leaving open the possibility that they are not one-dimensional, that there is good within them, that a plot twist may be in the works – if we are willing to stick with the show.

Throughout this course we will turn on the ghost light within self and in so doing we will:

  • Identify our experiences of fallback, of grace, and the characters that inhabit these roles
  • Invite them to show us their specialty, their range, to reveal their origin stories
  • Identify the scenes in our lives in which our characters have been cast
  • Discover the story lines that have been written for us, that we have written for ourselves, and when it might be best to flip the script
  • Experiment with becoming the director of our own play
  • Make it known that all spirits of self are welcome here.


“Really important work for all of us who want to grow (up) to do. This workshop helped me learn about all of my many selves and how to be more generous and self-compassionate with the selves that I feel can trip me up.”

Jennifer Abrams, Educational Consultant, United States

“A deeply rich and valuable experience. The depth of exploration was valuable and the container for exploration was built beautifully on a foundation of truth and caring. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore and gain very helpful insights into my own cast of characters. This work is applicable to a number of settings both personally and professionally.”

Dr. Dan Kaufman, Developmental Consulting, United States

“Val gave me the opportunity to discover parts of me that I hadn’t previously identified. The theatre metaphor allowed for a rich and safe exploration of my inner cast, those parts of me that have been reacting to life experiences without my noticing.

Val helped set the scene for these characters to appear so I could see them more clearly, understand their contours and subtleties, and how they play out in my and allowed me to give them a voice and find more helpful alternatives.

Val’s unique way of providing gentle guidance and her masterful facilitation are a catalyst to discovery. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to broaden their self-awareness.”

Mark Harling, Organisational Transformation Consultant, France