Virtual Workshop Overview

Expanding Client Horizons Openly

This workshop moves from the practice of tentatively exploring your clients’ developmental sensemaking to actually having explicit conversations with your clients about their Growth Edge and whether and how to grow into a new developmental place. We also explore the practice of uncovering “tethers”—those assumptions, beliefs, or practices that hold back our sensemaking (and thus our actions) from a new set of possibilities. You’ll practice all of the components of the Growth Edge Coaching Interview process: conducting a full Growth Edge Interview, creating a feedback report, and talking with another person about what you make of his developmental trajectory. And because you’ll have a turn being both client and coach in this practice, you’ll get the benefits of experiencing some Growth Edge coaching of your own and understanding from the client’s perspective the opening this creates in your own sensemaking.

The prerequisite to this workshop is Conversations at the Growing Edge

CCE_WEBThis workshop qualifies for ICF credits