Workshop Overview

Embodied intelligence for leaders and coaches

This workshop retreat is for leaders committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves, and for the coaches and facilitators who support them.

Humankind faces unprecedented challenges to overcome if we, and planet earth, are to survive. Overcoming these challenges requires “future-fit” leaders with access to the whole of their intelligence – mind, body and spirit. Leaders who are comfortable with paradox, who act out of purpose, who recognise and address the fears that hold them back and who create learning environments within which others can grow and thrive.

There is a strong business imperative for leaders to become the best they can be. In the words of Bob Anderson:

“Developing leaders who can navigate complexity is now a strategic priority—and, if done well, a competitive advantage. Beyond developing competency and capability, we need to develop leaders with courage and compassion, consciousness and character.” 

― Robert J. Anderson, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results


  • Access all aspects of your intelligence to make wiser decisions
  • Expand your capacity to deal with complex challenges
  • Build on embodied stories to support you becoming who you want to be
  • Rework embodied stories that hold you back
  • Change unhelpful automatic “defensive” responses
  • Increase your resilience and wellbeing through embodied practices
  • Generate new insights for action by exploring physical mapping of work systems
  • Progress your developmental journey with support from colleagues 

Program structure

Drawing oncontemporary research and practices in the fields of embodied intelligence, systemic constellations and the power of embodied stories, theprogram includes a 3-day experiential retreat together with a virtual follow up support session.

Day 1 – Embodied Intelligence and Intuitive Decision Making

“Your body is the seat of a powerful intelligence that helps you navigate your most important experiences and relationships. In a very real sense, your body is your social and emotional sense organ. It is the lens through which you perceive your relational world, and the instrument by which you act in it.”

Amanda Blake, Your Body is Your Brain: Leverage Your Somatic Intelligence to Find Purpose, Build Resilience, Deepen Relationships and Lead More Powerfully

When dealing with truly complex problems, where there is no known way forward, relying solely on the power of mind and technical expertise is necessary but insufficient.

Day 1 focuses on recent neuroscience research relating to embodied (somatic) intelligence and how to apply that understanding through practical activities designed to support your developmental journey and enhance your wellbeing, resilience and capacity to take effective action. We also explore how you can access your intuition and discern when to rely on it to enhance decision making and when it might inadvertently lead you astray.

Day 2 – Who you want to be – for yourself and others

As humans we have a strong survival need to stay connected to, and be perceived positively by, people who are important to us. Early in life, we internalise and embody powerful stories designed to protect us from exaggerated fears about what will happen if we are perceived negatively.

These stories are carried forward and underlie commonly held fears of even the most senior leaders, like the fear of being “found out” (imposter syndrome), of underachieving or of appearing weak or foolish. Most of this happens outside our awareness.

For many of us the underlying fears from these embodied stories not only stop us accessing a strong felt-sense of our future self, they stop us from taking that first step onto the bridge between who we are now and who we want to be. They often also drive automatic behaviours that undermine strong, connected relationships.

During the workshop you will be supported to surface and rework any limiting fear-based protective stories, to strengthen stories to support your journey and to access a strong embodied experience of what it will be like to become your desired future self. You will leave the workshop with a number of action strategies and embodied practices to progress your journey, and post workshop you can access online facilitated coaching support.

Day 3 – Creating healthier teams and organisations

At the most fundamental level organisations are systems in which relationships between people are structured in different ways – teams, business groups, departments, divisions and functions. Each of these is a system of interconnected people.

Given how complex the relationship between two people can be, it is little wonder organisational life is complex, unpredictable and challenging. In the well-researched field of family systems work, we know there are governing principles that determine whether a family system is functioning in a healthy way.

Increasingly these principles are informing new ways of understanding and improving organisational systems. Through a physical mapping process, called a “constellation”, the relationship dynamics in teams and larger organisational groups can be identified and worked on to bring about a healthier system.

The constellation process has been successfully applied to many organisational challenges including those related to culture, structure, strategy, morale, conflict and decision making.

In this program you will learn about the guiding principles of healthy organisational systems and how to apply them. You will experience the application of the constellation process to your work system and in a large-scale constellation of an organisational issue.