Virtual Workshop Overview

Conversations at the Growing Edge

This workshop will be delivered next in 2021

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Why this workshop

It’s no secret that today’s leaders are being asked to navigate contexts that are changing at exponential rates.  Many of these leaders wake up each morning to discover that not only have things changed, but that what they knew to be true, what they understood about how the world worked, is no longer sufficient to address the day’s challenges. If you are a coach or other support professional, you, too, may be looking for new ways to support your clients—and possibly even yourself– in this fast-changing world. Growth Edge Coaching provides that way. In Conversations at the Growing Edge, our Growth Edge Coaching introductory workshop, you’ll learn to listen in new ways and ask different sorts of questions—ones that enable you to uncover the ways people make sense of their world and the way they understand their own stories. These new ways of inquiring and listening will allow you to support your clients as they move through developmental transitions, helping them transform their stories and what they believe is possible.

What you’ll learn

This workshop will bring you into a new place of curiosity, listening, and questioning as you learn to explore the Growth Edge in your clients—and in yourself. You’ll learn the difference between the content of someone’s thinking (our usual space of exploration) and the structure of someone’s meaning making. This can be a new frontier for exploring and understanding a client and what might help support her growth. While it sounds like a somewhat heady topic, we explore with our whole bodies—reading interviews, engaging in deep conversations with one another, and interviewing each other, all the while paying attention to the ways our own meaning making is showing up in our thinking, our feeling, and our sensations.

Specifically, you will:

  • Develop a richer and more nuanced understanding of complexity of mind.
  • Experiment with deep listening and what it means to engage in it—the demands it puts on you as a listener and the support it gives your clients.
  • Practice a new form of questioning which gives you the sense of how someone makes sense of the world.
  • Learn how to take clients to the edge of their meaning-making system so that they can create new possibilities for themselves.
  • Open a window into your own development and engage with a community of learners who will very likely support your own development as well. 

Who should attend

This stand-alone program is suitable for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how others make sense of the world. It will benefit coaches, leaders and people working in organizational development roles, in fact anyone who is curious about how they can resource themselves and others to more skillfully meet the demands of their life.

For those wanting to take a deeper dive, this workshop is the gateway to the advanced Growth Edge workshops–Psychologically Spacious Coaching and Expanding Client Horizons Openly.


Delivered online with six 2-hour live virtual sessions using the ZOOM platform, with practice in trio’s between live sessions.



The virtual workshop qualifies for ICF credits: Core Competencies 21, Resource Development 21