Workshop Overview

Coaching for Complexity

More and more we notice and hear that people are finding their worlds more and more complex to thrive in, and that ultimately survival will rely on being able to accept and function in ambiguous and ever changing Complexity.

Coaching for Complexity is a new offering and like the topic itself the workshop will be an experiential and emergent experience. We will bring our own thinking and research to the table and we will be wide open to be influenced by the group who gathers and by what we are learning together.

Basically, we plan to explore two things in parallel:

  1. What do leaders need to do differently to lead in a complex, volatile, and uncertain world?
  2. How do coaches need to coach differently—and thus how do coaches need to be different—in order to support leaders in a complex, volatile and uncertain world?

Now the truth is that we have ideas about these topics, including having written a book on thriving in Complexity, but we don’t have all the answers. In complexity, answers are illusive and temporary, and the key is experimentation and learning. We intend for this workshop to help us explore the practices—in our language, our thinking, our bodies, and our hearts—that we think are most important in complexity. But we’ll be experimenting and learning our way towards that outcome, and we’ll ask you to bring your whole selves along for the journey.

So, who should come? Come if you have a high tolerance for ambiguity and emergence.  Come if you’re intellectually curious. Come if your life, or your clients’ lives are getting more complex than you can handle. Come if you’re curious about complexity from both a cognitive and a being standpoint.

This workshop will frustrate you if you are looking for something more buttoned up (this is a beta version—if we keep offering it, it will be more solid in 2 or 3 iterations). It will frustrate you if you’re seeking answers, and it will frustrate you if you are hoping to learn things that don’t require you to be different yourself.

If this outline resonates and you are eager to be part of the thinking we would love to have you join us.