Virtual Workshop Overview

Circling - a Relational Leadership Practice to deepen Connection

A 90-minute introduction to Circling as a form of Relational Leadership – a way of intentionally enhancing depth of connection with Self and Other, and also as a practice that can be used in developmental coaching.

As a developmental tool Circling is presence-based and utilises lots of subject-object moves. The needs or issues it addresses are related to what it means to STAY PRESENT in moments of relating when it is difficult or challenging to stay connected.

Coaches, facilitators, leaders and anyone in relationships will find Circling a useful tool. It may be of particular interest to those who practice Growth Edge Coaching as the principles of Circling are eminently compatible with other coaching methodologies.

The workshop will be an experiential introduction to the basics of Circling practice, so participants will experience the embodied relational presence and what that means IN PRACTICE.

For more information on the practice of Circling:

Here is a link to What is Circling – Interview with John Thompson of Circling Europe.

Read this article Nine Aspects of Circling that Contribute to Experiencing Secure Attachment

Watch this video which shows circling in action with Guy Sengstock.