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Conversations at the Growing Edge

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Virtual Online Workshop 17th July – 4th October, 2018

Delivered by

Jennifer Garvey Berger and Carolyn Coughlin


The fee is US$999


Jennifer Garvey Berger and Carolyn Coughlin will be delivering this workshop in six live sessions over 12 weeks. Between each live session participants will work in buddy trio’s for approximately 2-3 hours.

If you cannot attend a live session you may listen to the recording of the live session, complete the trio work, then complete a form to demonstrate learning. This is essential if you want to complete the workshop to receive ICF credits or attend advanced Growth Edge Coaching workshops.

ICF Credits

Core competencies 21 and Resource development 21.

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  • Personal Information

  • We need this information to match you with buddies near you for work in trios between sessions.
  • Between sessions you will do work in trio's. Let us know if you have a special buddy to two you would like to work with. If not we will assign you to a trio.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and what brings you to the workshop.
  • Let us know if you would like to receive ICF credits for this workshop.
  • Price: $999.00


Is the virtual workshop the same as the in-person workshop? Yes – we will be covering the same content and engaging in the same practices.
What if I can’t attend the live sessions? It is suggested that you attend as many of the live sessions as you can, particularly the first and last ones. If, however, due to time zones or previous commitments, you can listen to the recordings of any missed sessions live, but you must complete the trio work between the specified live sessions.
How can I access the recordings of live sessions? They will be available to download shortly after each live session and will remain accessible to workshop participants until one month after the last session.
Who will be in my practice trio (for work between live sessions?) You can either select your buddies before the program begins, or we will assign you buddies to make up your trio.
How will practice trios work together? You decide – virtually, Skype, hangouts, phone or in person.
What if I have questions? We will be available to answer questions via Facebook.
What is ZOOM? ZOOM is a video and web conferencing service. You can join with your computer, mobile phone or telephone. For help using ZOOM see here.
How will I know I am understanding the content? Between sessions 5 and 6 a certified Growth Edge Coach will work with your trio.
Can I get ICF credits for the virtual workshop? YES Core competencies 21/Resource development 21
What are the advanced workshops? We offer two optional workshops following the gateway workshop Conversations at the Growing Edge. You can attend one or both. To become a certified growth edge coach you will need to attend all three workshops and complete the certification activities. (Link)
Can I attend the Conversations at the Growing Edge Workshop if I don’t ever intend to do the Advanced Workshops? Yes – Conversations at the Growing Edge is a stand-alone offering. You can attend just this workshop and then decide if you would like to attend one or both of the advanced workshops.

Dates and times

London East Coast US West Coast US New Zealand Australia Sydney
Session 1 July 17th @ 7pm July 17th @ 2pm July 17th @ 11am July 18th @ 6am July 18th @ 4am
Session 2 July 30th @ 7pm July 30th @ 2pm July 30th @ 11am July 31 @ 6am July 31 @ 4am
Session 3 Aug 14th @ 7pm Aug 14th @ 2pm Aug 14th @ 11am Aug 15th @ 6am Aug 15th @ 4am
Session 4 Aug 28th @ 7pm Aug 28th @ 2pm Aug 28th @ 11am Aug 29th @ 6am Aug 29th @ 4am
Session 5 Sept 11th @ 7pm Sept 11th @ 2pm Sept 11th @ 11am Sept 12th @ 6am Sept 12th @ 4am
Session 6 Oct 4th

@ 7pm

Oct 4th

@ 2pm

Oct 4th

@ 11am

Oct 5th

@ 7am

Oct 5th

@ 4am