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REFRESH: A Women’s Retreat of Renewal

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Virtual Online Workshop May 1st – 2nd, 2021

Delivered by

Joy Guilleux and Andi Schrader

Why this retreat

Délassement. A fairly literal translation would mean “un-weary-ment” or refreshment. If there’s one thing our souls need after this extraordinarily taxing year, it’s a cool, refreshing drink. We will look past this difficult collective journey to focus on what is to come. As hope emerges, wisdom asks that we pay attention to what is happening within us. This facilitated, virtual retreat will offer space for your own heart, soul and body to find renewal. Together, we will focus on presence and beauty through offerings of words, walks, journaling and creative prompts. It is intended to be a restorative weekend of cool, refreshing drinks for your soul. 

Who will want to come

This is designed for individuals or small groups of women. It’s for those who are tired from lovingly tending to clients and family over these many months. Anyone in need of some nurturing personal time and restoration is welcome. While you can join from home, we’d encourage you to rent an AirBnB or find a place to truly get away for the weekend. If you can safely invite other friends, even better, as small groups will be part of the retreat. Access to a stable internet connection will be vital for full participation. GREAT IDEA: consider gifting this retreat to a woman in your life (or for Mother’s Day!!) who would be thrilled for some personal time! 

The Format

The bulk of the retreat will be for YOU to design your own time around several carefully timed emails with nurturing content, prompts, embodied activities, creative pursuits and reflections. Prior to the beginning of the retreat you will also receive thoughts on how to prepare your physical space and your heart and soul. We know people are ‘zoomed out’ by now, so we will  leverage this platform carefully to limit screen time. Two full group meetings will take place on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Two small group meetings will happen in between these. (We anticipate total screen time to be about 3.5 hours for the weekend.) 

Your Facilitators

Joy Guilleux, Georgetown Univ. Certified Coach  and Andi Schrader, M.Ed., CPCC 

Joy Guilleux is a professional with CL and a compassionate and courageous coach. She believes that the simple act of creating space to think and be present to oneself may be enough to uncover the truth you need to hear, find the compassion you need to receive, and take steps to embrace your inner wisdom. She is a certified Leadership Coach through Georgetown University. Joy has extensive experience working with leaders and adventurers through experiential education and mentoring. She and her family currently reside in the Alps in France where they spend as much time skiing and hiking as possible.


Andi Schrader is a certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) who leads people on journeys to connect more deeply with others and themselves. Her work as an artist informs her coaching with those who seek more expression of their own creativity. She is a maker and world traveler and endlessly curious to hear the life stories of others. She resides in NE Ohio and cannot wait to gather groups in person once again.  

Together Joy and Andi have led women on a hiking/ soul work/ art pilgrimages to Wales and most recently a virtual Pilgrimage of Renewal. They have also led groups hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc and biking in Normandy and the Loire Valley. In other contexts they have guided people from New Zealand to Colorado to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, on The Camino de Santiago and beyond. 

Good words from Retreat Participants

“Andi and Joy are a complete ‘dream team,’ providing a powerful virtual experience that is filled with wisdom, encouragement, community, coaching, creativity and fun! In a few short days, our group became a community willing to be vulnerable with ourselves and one another. The only downside of the journey was that it was over all too soon! “

“Our leaders created a warm, inviting group environment that allowed for deep personal reflection and new delightful connections in the course of a carefully planned series of experiences. The exchanges were playful, creative and unique and left me with new insights and friends. Truly delightful!” 

“This was a beautiful balance of depth in self reflection and community in group discovery.” 

Important to Remember

*Choosing to ‘go on retreat’ with friends (even if you’re not in the same location) will take your relationships to deeper levels than you may otherwise go-a wonderful added bonus to personal refreshment. 

*If the dates don’t work for you, contact us about hosting a retreat for your friends, book club, or colleagues. Minimum: 10 participants 

*This virtual retreat format can accommodate between 10 and 30 individuals. 

*From John O’Donohue: 

“…Awake your spirit to adventure 

Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; 

Soon you will be home in a new rhythm 

For your soul senses the world that awaits you.” 

Contact us with any questions

Joy Guilleux: 

Andi Schrader:

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Dates and times

The retreat takes place from:

Sat May 1, 2021 @ 11:00 AM EDT, to

Sun May 2, 2021 @ 5:00 PM EDT.

Group calls are:

Large group opening session 5/1 8am PT/11am ET 1hr
Small group May 1  @ 2pm PT / 5pm ET 30-45 min
Small group May 2 @ 8am PT / 11am ET 30-45 min
Large group closing session May 2 @ 2pm PT/5pm ET 1 hr