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Ghost Light in The Meadow: Illuminating fallback in embrace of the fullness of self

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Virtual Online Workshop 18th October, 2021 – 10th January, 2022

Delivered by

Valerie Livesay and Zafer Achi

Program Overview

Through this experiential offering, using theater as a metaphor, you will be invited to understand the role of fallback in adult development both theoretically and through felt experience. As we face into multiple pandemics that have laid bare the most shadowy parts of self and society, we have the opportunity to do something different, to learn something, to take the decline that we see all around and within us, to study it, to nurture it, to determine what it is we wish to grow into.

Fallback debunks the illusion of the stairway-to-heaven of adult development. It reveals the shadows that exist in growth and the necessity of decline, and recognises that with attention, love and acceptance, something more whole, more authentic, more compassionate and humane can emerge. 

Shifts that we so desire in the collective are not possible without first addressing the shift, the illumination, that needs to take place in each of us. Yet, while this program offers an illumination of self, undertaking this discovery in community amplifies understanding, acceptance, and connection to self and others. This program allows individuals to discover and embrace the fallback in themselves, so that they may accompany others through their own discovery and embrace.

Together we will:

  • identify our experiences of fallback, of grace, and the characters that inhabit these roles; we’ll invite them to show us their specialty, their range, and to reveal their origin stories;
  • identify the scenes in our lives in which our characters have been cast; and discover the story lines that have been written for us, that we have written for ourselves, and when it might be best to flip the script; 
  • experiment with becoming the director of our own play; 
  • make it known that all spirits of self are welcome here.

This program is aimed at Coaches and any individuals seeking to grow in self-awareness and self- and other-acceptance. Familiarity with Adult Development Theory may be helpful but is not at all necessary. 


Run time – Six, 2.5 hour sessions through which you will be guided to more deeply know the multitude of characters that comprise self

Set design – Curated, multimodal resources for accessing your inner knowing and understanding it in the context of broader theory

Soliloquy, dialogue, full company – Illumination through self-reflection, paired exploration, and larger group sense-making, including small group “troop” meetings between sessions 

Character research – Between session reflection and practice homework

Documentarian – One one-on-one coaching session


Valerie Livesay

Through her research, coaching and workshop offerings, Valerie Livesay accompanies individuals through their discovery of self, using the analogy of theater to set the stage for their historical and unfolding story. She serves as documentarian, bringing to light the lesser known, lesser loved, and occasionally forgotten roles and scenes that make up one’s full ensemble and storyline. She undertakes this sacred work with compassion, care, and acceptance, as someone who is in the ongoing process of her own autobiographical documentary discovery. She also does this with sound theory, experience, and skill, as someone who has both learned her craft at the feet of the pioneers of this field and as a pioneer herself, having articulated the theory of fallback through years of research and practice. 

Following a career in higher education in both administration and faculty roles, Valerie’s present endeavors seek to extend the concepts and experiences that she studies, teaches, and writes about outside of the halls of academia, to the lives of all people trying to navigate the tricky business of showing up in alignment with their intentions in the many contexts of their worlds. In her forthcoming book, she reveals both the despair and ecstasy that accompany a knowing of the fullness of one’s self through the stories of four individuals and their experiences of fallback. This longitudinal study allows the reader to find the fullness of themselves in the journey of development and the experience of being human. 

Valerie earned her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. She holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. Valerie lives in San Diego, California with her two cats, husband, and two children, with the latter three serving simultaneously as the most frequent protagonists of and audience to her experiences of fallback and the greatest source of her desire to do better.

Zafer Achi

Zafer is an executive coach, a team coach and a designer and facilitator of leadership development interventions. He embraces a developmental approach aimed at increasing his clients’ inner complexity to match the outer complexity of the challenges they face. Using conversation and moments of truth as a platform, Zafer seeks to surface, challenge and unfreeze leaders’ limiting beliefs so that they can step into more expansive and more fluid ways of engaging. As an outcome of his work, clients can see more possibilities for mutually empowering moves.

Zafer has spent 34 years as a top tier management consultant – including 27 years as a Partner – with McKinsey & Company. At McKinsey, Zafer led the development of the Firm’s senior partners learning curriculum, and personally designed and delivered as lead faculty several of the Firm’s most iconic leadership development programs.

Zafer is exceptionally adept at bridging across cultures. He has spent extensive professional time serving clients across the globe. Born in Damascus and raised in Lebanon, Zafer has studied, worked, and lived in another nine countries. He is fluent in Arabic, French and English and can also converse in Spanish, Japanese and Bahasa.

Zafer is a graduate of HEC (Paris) and MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is a certified Leadership Circle coach, and a certified Growth Edge coach. Zafer is also a graduate of the prestigious Director Education Program of the Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD). He has co-founded the Montreal Chapter of the ICD and has served on the national board of the ICD for 3 years. Zafer also sat on the Board of Governors of the Board Director Institute (BDI), a GCC-based institution that promotes better governance through Director training.

Zafer has six children; he splits his time between London, Beirut and Dubai and works across the globe.


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Cancellation Policy

Please also note our cancellation policy is as follows: Payment is fully refundable up to 28 days before the start of the workshop, less a 13% processing fee; it is not refundable thereafter. If the course is under-enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel 28 days prior to the event, and refund your registration fee in full.


The facilitators of this workshop are not licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, or psychotherapists.  This workshop is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, mental health counseling, or any other type of psychotherapy or medical advice.


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Dates and times

Sessions are 2.5 hours starting at:

October 18th 2021 7.30am 4.30pm
November 1st 2021 7.30am 3.30pm
November 15th 2021 7.30am 4.30pm
November 29th 2021 7.30am 4.30pm
December 13th 2021 7.30am 4.30pm
January 10th 2022 7.30am 4.30pm