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Coaching and Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body

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Virtual Online Workshop 3rd February – 9th June, 2022

Delivered by

Dominic Longo with Akasha and Rebecca Scott

Coaching and Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body builds participants’ capacities to be present to diverse human experiences of our bodies, erotic energies, and relationships to gender.

Building these capacities begins with a reflective turn to ourselves and our own personal experiences and identities. Only by gaining perspective on our own gender, sexual energies and identities, and bodies can we possibly be present to our clients in these dimensions.

This program immerses participants in queer culture. It’s like a virtual study abroad experience in “the land of gay.” Plenary sessions are highly interactive and experiential, bringing in a  diverse set of guest speakers and incorporating reflexive and practical exercises. Small “action learning” groups, meeting in between plenary sessions, allow participants to form small communities of practice in which to explore and apply what they are learning, for example, through coaching in new ways.

To supplement the learning in live sessions, participants can take in a menu of  queer fiction, drama, film, and autobiography as well as a few selected professional and scholarly texts.

Coaching and Leading Inclusively: Gender, Sex, and the Body extends and deepens the exploration of gender identity, gender expression, erotic energies, sexual orientation, and sexual identity from the perspective of adult development. Intersections with cultural, racial, religious, class, and other identities are also taken seriously, especially to de-center white, Western, middle-class, and Christian experiences and identities.

The program is open to participants of all genders and sexualities, and aims to meet the learning needs of straight and LGBTQ+ participants alike.

Drawing on the Heroes Journey program from Flourishing Gays, Coaching and Leading Inclusively promises a particularly deep exploration of the developmental journeys of gay, bi, and queer men, as a doorway into gaining new perspective on all gender and sexual identities.

Guest faculty will in particular bring a range of additional identities and perspectives into focus.


Logistics and Format

This workshop will be delivered on Zoom. There will be eight two-hour sessions, and participants will meet in small groups between sessions.

All sessions will be recorded and made available in the course environment for the duration of the program.



This price for this workshop is US$2,400 with an early bird rate of US$1,600 available through December 10.

We the faculty are committed to making this program accessible to interested participants who have limited financial means. If requesting the Accessible rate, please provide a one-sentence description of your financial circumstances that put the regular pricing out of reach. We have a limited number of spaces at this Accessible rate.

Guest speakers who we have been invited to contribute to this program with their valuable time, knowledge, and stories are also most welcome to participate in the entire program at this special rate. In the Pricing Comment field below, for the Special rate, please identify yourself if you are one of our invited guest speakers.


About the Faculty

Dominic Longo’s commitment to human flourishing, in its many forms, drives his work in leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Several years ago, he founded Flourishing Gays as a social enterprise to bring LGBTQ+ perspectives to leadership development and executive coaching. His affiliation with Cultivating Leadership grew out of a need to better understand adult development as he designed the flagship program of Flourishing Gays, called Heroes Journey, a leadership program customized specifically for highly accomplished gay, bi, and queer men.

The Growth Edge Coaching courses and the Leading Inclusively Lab through CL contributed not only to his work with clients but also to his ongoing personal journey of re-discovering what’s weird and wonderful about himself.



Akasha stands for the development of leaders who lead through a diversity, equity, access, and inclusion lens while navigating the complexity of effectively engaging across differences. He has been coaching for over 10 years and brings deep interest in spirituality, adult development, and intercultural consciousness to his work in the world.

Nothing brings more joy to Akasha than supporting other people’s growth and development. One reason for this is that he believes advancing one’s development leads to an ever-unfolding reality that reveals unconditional all-inclusive Love



Rebecca Scott is a leadership coach who is passionate about helping people living with chronic conditions live full, purposeful, and joyous lives. She believes in the transformational power of meaningful conversation, celebrating all your victories, and feeling all your feelings. She comes from the land of disability and knows that one group’s flourishing can have glorious ripples for all.

Rebecca is also a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and loves talking about the delights and challenges of working across difference.


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Dates and times

Please note that session dates may change slightly dependent on speaker availability. Dates will be confirmed by January 3.

Session 1 3 Feb, 8pm New York / 4 Feb, 12pm Sydney
Session 2 3 Mar, 12pm New York / 6pm Berlin
Session 3 17 Mar, 8pm New York / 18 Mar, 11am Sydney
Session 4 7 Apr, 12pm New York / 6pm Berlin
Session 5 20 Apr, 12pm New York / 6pm Berlin
Session 6 12 May, 12pm New York / 6pm Berlin
Session 7 26 May, 8pm New York / 27 May 10am Sydney
Session 8 9 June, 12pm New York / 6pm Berlin

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