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Ambitious Conversations

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Virtual Online Workshop 20th April – 8th June, 2021

Delivered by

Nicolai Tillisch

Join Nicolai Tillisch for three free 90-minute conversations about how ambitions affect you, your clients or colleagues, and work in general.

We invite you to three free 90-minute conversations, each covering a distinct question. You can register for the entire series or choose the conversation you are most curious about.

Conversation 1: How do you relate to your own ambitions? 

Put your own ambitions into perspective and contemplate what helps and hinders you as you live them out.

The conversation evolves around a brief presentation of the research behind the book and the following selected concepts:

  • The Premises of Ambition: Specificity, Uniqueness, Size, and Priority
  • The Trinity of Ambition: Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being
  • The Seven Frenemies: Competitiveness, Desire, Perseverance, Boldness, Independence, Flexibility, and Convention
  • A toolbox example: The Frenemy Radar

Participants can opt to take the Frenemy Map self-assessment. You will receive a link in advance of the first conversation once registered.

Conversation 2: How can you help ambitious people?

Reflect on ways to effectively help ambitious people in their development.

The conversation follows the SPACE coaching process, which builds on design thinking and underpins the book:

  • Scope: What is the nature of my ambition?
  • Perspective: How am I currently living out my ambition?
  • Awareness: When does my ambition manage me, and when do I manage it?
  • Choice: What is my ambition?
  • Experimentation: How do I act and learn?

Participants can optionally read the white paper For Coaches with Ambitious Clients. You will receive an electronic version before the second conversation after having registered.

Conversation 3: How might you design work and organizations for ambitious people?

Discuss how insights about ambitious people could influence the future design of work and organizations.

The design will build on the insights and lessons learned from the first two conversations. Participants will join break-out groups formed around relevant themes,  e.g.

  • How can we improve the immediate mental well-being of an organization?
  • How can the employee journey balance achievement, growth, and well-being?
  • How can people with different degrees of ambition enjoy productive collaboration?

Your host and the author

Nicolai Tillisch is a colleague at Cultivating Leadership, where he coaches and facilitates leaders of several of its international clients. He is a co-founder of Deliberate Development, a software venture, and a board member of think tank Nordic Bildung. Nicolai lives with his wife, Ida, and their children, Margaux and Axel, in Copenhagen, after previously residing in Dubai, London, and Stockholm.


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Dates and times

All sessions are delivered at 5pm Central European Time / 11am US EDT

April 20, Conversation 1: How do you relate to your own ambitions?

May 11, Conversation 2: How can you help ambitious people?

June 8, Conversation 3: How might you design work and organizations for ambitious people?