Organizational development

A world that is increasingly complex, volatile, and unpredictable requires new forms of coaching (like Growth Edge coaching), it also requires new forms of leadership development, strategy, and organizational culture. Our sister site, Cultivating Leadership, will give you a glimpse at the work we do with teams and whole organizations. We help leaders think in new ways about strategy, organizational culture, and leadership, and we help them create organizations where individuals can do their best work.

Our clients are large and small, private and not-for-profit, and governmental organizations around the world. What they all have in common is their need to adapt more quickly to a changing environment, to become agile in the face of uncertainty, and to be able to harness the human powers of creativity and curiosity to create new opportunities to fulfill their individual and organizational hopes.

Current and past clients include Google, Oxfam, the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, KPMG, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, Lion, the Qatari Ministry of Education, and many others. Check out Cultivating Leadership for more information, or be in touch for a conversation.

Cultivating Leadership