Become a Growth Edge Coach

Each year we offer a virtual Conversations at the Growing Edge workshop which is our introductory workshop on Bob Kegan’s Adult Development Theory and how to apply it in the work of coaching and in how we listen to people. In a series of six two-hour online sessions (live and recorded) with Jennifer, Carolyn and Patrice you will learn about the theory and how to listen to people in a way that gets to the level at which we make sense of the world. You will get allocated to a trio for some in depth practice between sessions and many participants name this as the highlight of the course.

We also offer the virtual Echoing Clients Horizons Openly or ECHO for short. This is also an online offering involving eight two-hour sessions. This advanced workshop goes more deeply into how to do a Growth Edge Interview, a coaching version of Kegan & Lahey’s Subject Object Interview (SOI). This workshop involves more indepth practice of the questioning techniques and the ways to use the Growth Edge Interview and report with coaching clients. For completion of this workshop you will be required to do two interviews and reports, with the support of your trio and an assigned mentor.

We also offer Psychologically Spacious Coaching or PSC for short. This workshop is usually held in person in groups of 12 to 21 in various parts of the world and is designed to bring all the threads of what you have been learning and apply them to your coaching in ways that are transformational for your clients. There is also a strong somatic component to this workshop as we bring in somatic awareness as another doorway into developmental consolidation and change. To complete this workshop and the Growth Edge Coaching Workshop series you will be invited to write a reflective piece on how adult development theory has changed your practice.

From the moment you start learning with us you will be invited to become part of the Growth Edge Coaching community. Understanding someone else’s meaning making is and should be hard and it takes all of us together to work through what it means to be human in age of increasing complexity.


Do I have to attend Conversations at the Growing Edge first?

Yep. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about adult development, we find that people get much more out of the two advanced workshops once they’ve had the practice that comes in the Conversations at the Growing Edge workshop.

Do I have to complete all 3 workshops or can I just complete 2 workshops?

The two advanced workshops are designed to stand alone and you can take them in any order although we find participants get more out of PSC if they have taken ECHO first.


Can I do the workshops in any order?

Conversations at the Growing Edge is always first—after that, you can complete the advanced workshops in any order.

How much time do the out of workshop tasks take?

For the CGE (Conversations at the Growing Edge) workshop it is good to allow 2 hours in between sessions to meet up with your trio and do the homework together.

For ECHO your trio will meet between sessions and you will also need to make time to interview someone and then prepare a transcript of the interview, a report for the person plus debrief them with the completed report. You will be responsible for your own and also be expected to support your trio buddies in theirs. You will also need to meet up with your trio mentor who supports you all through this process.

For PSC the only out of workshop activity is completing your own reflective piece which only needs to be 2 pages long.

To complete the whole series and to receive the Growth Edge Coaching Certificate of Completion you will need to complete all requirements within 12 months of starting. You can ask for an extension of this if you are unable to attend all workshops within that time. Your trio mentors will only be available while the workshops are running.


What is the timeframe for completing the workshop series?

We aim to offer each of the three workshops in each calendar year. If you are unable to attend them in the same year you can defer the advanced workshops until another year. The added work involved in each workshop is expected to be completed at the time of attending the workshop or soon after. You have completed the series once you complete the work of the third workshop that you attend.

Do you ever run one of your workshops for an intact group or in a different place?

Yes—we love to do this! We have run workshops at universities, for coaching groups, and even for groups of non-coaches whose work involves deep listening to patterns. Contact us if you would like us to run one or more workshops in a place or time of your choosing.

Do the workshops qualify for International Coaching Federation credits?

Yes, the credits awarded may change annually as the International Coaching Federation review our programmes.

When are the workshops being delivered?

Please see our complete list of workshops page.

What is included in the workshop fee?

The virtual workshops include all live sessions or recordings, all materials used, all slides, an allocated trio, a peer support person in VCGE and a mentor in ECHO.

The in person workshops include lunches, snacks and workbooks.

What are the fees for the workshop?

Fees are set in the currency of the country that the workshop is delivered in, plus any local tax, as follows:

Conversations at the Growing Edge, virtual workshop $999

Psychologically Spacious Coaching and Expanding Client Horizons Openly $2250 plus taxes in the currency of the country the workshop is delivered in.

Fees include all pre and post work activities.