Growth Edge Coach certification

As a certified Growth Edge Coach, you’ll be able to help your clients explore the way they make sense of their present—and create the future they most desire. It takes all three modules to be a Growth Edge certified coach, but you can take the second two in any order you like, and take as long as you want to travel the certification pathway.

In addition to the workshops you will complete post-workshop tasks with a certified Growth Edge Coach, experiment with using some of these practices with your own clients, and finally complete an essay detailing your learning and application of the Growth Edge Coaching method. See the Certification Pathway schedule here.

Once you’re a Growth Edge certified coach, we offer you a space on this website to share your ideas about developmental coaching with the world.

It’s not just a certification, it’s a community. We believe that really practicing as a Growth Edge Coach makes a special pull on us, and that a strong community of practice makes it possible—and fulfilling—to be with our clients in this way. This is why our certification is also an entrance to a global community of practice, where as a GECOCO (Growth Edge Coaching Community) member you are invited to quarterly group calls that focus on the challenges you’re having and the discoveries you’re making as you create your way as a Growth Edge Coach.

We also assist your ongoing learning by creating small groups that support each other to practice. Each group is matched with a certified Growth Edge Coach to help along the way.


Do I have to attend Conversations at the Growing Edge first?

Yep. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about adult development, we find that people get much more out of the two advanced workshops once they’ve had the practice that comes in the Conversations at the Growing Edge workshop.

Do I have to sign up for the certification process?

Nope. The certification process is part intention, part action. Once you’ve taken a single advanced workshop, we’ll include you in our certification pathway process (inviting you to our monthly calls, giving you access to the members only portion of this website, etc.), but you are welcome to ignore all of that if you’d like to.

Can I do the workshops in any order?

Conversations at the Growing Edge is always first—after that, you can complete the advanced workshops in any order.

Can I just complete 2 workshops?

Absolutely. We’ve created the two advanced workshops to stand on their own, so you can take just one advanced workshop and still get a lot out of it.

Can I become certified if I don’t complete the out of workshop tasks?

Nope, sorry. Becoming a Growth Edge Certified coach is a lot of work, but those in our community find that it’s the right amount—enough to leave you feeling confident and well supported to try out these new practices with your clients.

How much time do the out of workshop tasks take?

The different workshops have different time commitments afterwards. Conversations at the Growing Edge is a virtual workshop with six 2-hour live sessions and work in trio’s for around 2 hours between each session. Expanding Client Horizons Openly requires the most out-of-workshop time: you and a partner will go through the entire Growth Edge Interview process with a buddy pair (and supported by a Growth Edge Coach). This work is to be completed within 12 months of attending the workshop.

What is the timeframe for the certification process?

You set the pace. Complete the virtual workshop, then the advanced workshops. The ECHO post workshop requirements are to be completed within 12 months of attending the workshop.

Do you ever run one of your workshops for an intact group or in a different place?

Yes—we love to do this! We have run workshops at universities, for coaching groups, and even for groups of non-coaches whose work involves deep listening to patterns. Contact us if you would like us to run one or more workshops in a place or time of your choosing.

Do the workshops qualify for International Coaching Federation credits?

Yes, the credits awarded may change annually as the International Coaching Federation review our programmes.

When are the workshops being delivered?

Please see our complete list of workshops page.

What is included in the workshop fee?

Generally the workshop fee includes the pre- and post-work, all materials, and healthy lunches and snacks.

What are the fees for the workshop?

Fees are set in the currency of the country that the workshop is delivered in, plus any local tax, as follows:

Conversations at the Growing Edge, virtual workshop $999

Psychologically Spacious Coaching and Expanding Client Horizons Openly $2250 plus taxes in the currency of the country the workshop is delivered in.

Fees include all pre and post work activities.