Growth Edge Coaching is a sister site to Cultivating Leadership, a leadership and organisational change consultancy. Our aim is twofold: to support leaders to find superb developmentally-oriented coaches and to support coaches to expand their developmental orientation.

At the helm of this practice are Jennifer Garvey Berger and Carolyn Coughlin with support from our colleagues at Cultivating Leadership as well as the fabulous and growing network of Growth Edge Coaches who make this practice possible.


Jennifer Garvey Berger cares deeply about leaders and the people who support them. She has been thinking about the connection between adult development, leadership, and coaching for nearly two decades; a doctorate in adult development left her frustrated that these powerful ideas were locked up in academia rather than helping people live better lives. She has devoted much of her career to that unlocking. Jennifer writes about these connections in small pieces and in two books: Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex world and (with co-author Keith Johnston) Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders. She worked with colleagues to develop the Growth Edge approach, a transformative process that helps clients discover key patterns of thought and action that were previously invisible in order to make powerful choices to lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

As a coach herself, Jennifer supports clients to find their current growing edge and become better able to handle complexity, ambiguity and change. As a founding partner at Cultivating Leadership, Jennifer also designs and runs leadership development programs around the globe, speaks at leadership and coaching conferences, and offers occasional courses for coaches at universities and coaching programs around the world. In addition to Growth Edge Coaching certification workshops, Jennifer is writing and teaching about how unprecedented complexity, ambiguity and volatility shapes how leaders need to lead. She uses the Leadership Circle 360, the Global Leadership Profile, and whatever other well-researched tools can make a difference in the life of her clients. Jennifer has a bachelors degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and a masters and a doctorate from Harvard University.

Jennifer believes that weaving complexity and adult development ideas through a coaching or leadership practice helps each of us be more compassionate and kind, and it helps us find new solutions that would earlier have been invisible. With continued practice, the ideas help us see new patterns in ourselves and others, and connect with our biggest potential. Whether through writing, teaching, or coaching, for Jennifer, there is nothing more thrilling than helping people live into their possibilities. Jennifer is from the US by birth, but she is a New Zealander by choice. Nearly a decade ago she and her family moved down to New Zealand for an 18-month sabbatical and never moved back, proving that planning for the future only takes you so far (in this case, 8500 miles). Her work might be in Doha or Dublin or Dallas, but her home is in Wellington.


Carolyn Coughlin is passionate about supporting people, including the leaders with whom she works, not only to grow into their biggest selves, but also to live as fully as they can. She was introduced to the idea of adult development about 15 years ago shortly after leaving her career as a management consultant, and it was love at first sight. Carolyn believes that by paying attention to the ways we and our clients make sense of the world, it’s possible to uncover new ways to see differently, to be differently, to take different actions, and to live into the fullest version of ourselves and our lives—and expanding our possibilities to impact the world in increasingly positive ways.

With her fellow Cultivating Leadership partner Jennifer, Carolyn co-designed and runs the Growth Edge Certification series, an endeavor that continues to provide her with endless joy and learning. She also has a keen interest in supporting women to step into leadership positions in greater numbers so that we might finally achieve the power parity toward which we’ve been (slowly) moving over the last century. She writes and talks about developmental coaching, why and how it can be such a powerful support to growth, and how, in particular, she thinks it might hold promise for shifting the gender imbalance in our leadership ranks. Carolyn has also become increasingly interested in the role of the whole self, the realm of sensation and emotion, and how those, together with language, can be powerful ways into both noticing and intervening our own and our clients’ meaning-making patterns. Following that thread, Carolyn has recently, together with her colleague, Doug Silsbee, co-designed and run several workshops  (live and virtual) called Language, the Body, and the Bell Jar: Integrated Linguistic and Somatic Coaching as a Catalyst for Presence, designed to help coaches develop an integrated mind/body/linguistic approach to developmental coaching. Carolyn’s first love is coaching, but she also spends a good chunk of her time supporting leaders through developmentally-oriented leadership programs designed to help them find new ways to see and lead in complexity. Carolyn has an AB in economics from Brown University, an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Wharton School, and is a Certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute. She lives on the campus of a boarding school in New Jersey with her husband and three teenagers, spends summers in a little cabin on a lake in New York, and spends as much time as possible New Zealand.


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