Certification Pathway schedule

Pathway to Certification as a Growth Edge Coach – the process

1. Workshop

Conversations at the Growing Edge (CGE)

2. Post CGE calls

Two calls with the workshop facilitator and participnats where we discuss four additional Growth Edge interviews. Calls generally take place 4 and 8 weeks following the workshop, and last around 90 minutes.

3. Workshop

Psychologically Spacious Coaching (PSC)

4. Two conversations with your professional companion about your use of these ideas in your coaching

These optional conversations are with a certified Growth Edge Coach – scheduled at a time convenient for you both. Calls last approximately 1 hour each.

5. Workshop

Engaging Client Horizons Openly (ECHO)

6. Two full Growth Edge Interviews and reports (supervised)

This task is completed with a buddy on the Growth Edge Certification Pathway. Together you complete 2 growth edge interviews, score the interview and complete a Growth Edge Report. Discuss your report with a certified Growth Edge Coach, then debrief the report with the interviewee.

7. Developmental Coaching Essay